#NewNormal is Here

Hi, July! It’s been three months stayed at home because of the Corona pandemic. In Indonesia, #newnormal is here and I need to prepare to keep healthy in #newnormal.

Unsplash Image by Belinda Fewings

    1. Always ready of mask
      Neither you use one-time mask or reusable mask, you need to keep your mask clean and hygiene. It’s because the mask itself got lot of dirt and virus after using it in outdoor. Sverytime I get home, I always wash my mask and use the new in next day.  So, I have some spare to use new everyday.


    1. Eat healthy food
      Even there isn’t pandemic at the moment, eat healthy food is important. And it more important when the virus could attack your body every time. I have already eaten lot of vegetables every day and drink honey for better immune.


  1. Not overreacted
    An important self-reminder to not overreact. Knowing the infected people increase fast in Indonesia, makes me afraid (again) to going outside, especially in the workplace. You can get infected anytime, right? But, the truth is if I keep myself hygiene and not lazy to eat healthy food, also not to stress… It could minimize the virus to infected faster (I hope).

So, that’s my #newnormal. I hope you keep safe and healthy!

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