Welcome to Bogor, Indonesia

A wonderful place for your family and future

Bogor is the 6th largest city of Jabodetabek (Jakarta Metropolitan Region) and the 14th nationwide. Bogor is an important economic, scientific, cultural and tourist centre, as well as a mountain resort. Give you the perfect work-life balanced

Salak mountain view on +2.211 MDPL height with the peak temperature is 4 Celcius Degree.
Also Gede Pangrango montain and Puncak view 

The Site Plan

The project site is on +336 up to +346 MDPL height with the lowest temperature is 22 Celcius Degree

10 Thematic Garden Designs

2 km Jogging Track

Club House Include Swimming Pool

Clean water provided by PDAM Bogor

New Electricity System provided by PLN Bogor

2 Parking Lot with Canopy

Project Location

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