WIP : Future Projects

Halo everyone! (Halo is hello in Bahasa)
I’m Eveline and as my first post, I would like to share some of my work in progress

1. My (very) first storytelling
Yes, I have made my very first storytelling which titled “Into The Sorfe”. I had already publish it last year in July through Instagram story post. Now, I would like make it more proper. I’ll turn it into e-book. Sounds great, right?

2. Comic
This is my first proper comic that I will ever make. Even the story itself still in developing. It’s hard to write the story into sum of pages that similar to regular novel. So many ideas and twist that I want to put in and make the character more explore about themselves. Honestly, I still don’t have the official date of teaser release, due my daily taks queue. Even so, who knows if I could give you guys the teaser this year!

3. Podcast
I know, i know, it’s really mainstream right now. Guess I’m gonna make some lips about easy topic (or deep topic, who knows). Well actually, the first idea was the podcast as the platform of my storytelling, but through my friend opinion… i guess i could talk to you guys through podcast.

 That’s all the current project that I doing right now. If you want to know some behind the scene of this project find it on Tumblr

See you again,


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